Welcome to the new website of Co en Piet Verbree from Putten,
 racing under the name COMB. VERBREE - PUTTEN.
 Before they raced under their own names, and both gained top positions
 at the highest level.
    Co and Piet Verbree

 Dad Co, ( 29-03-1944 ), pigeon fancier since 1955, became among other things
                              1st Supergeneral Dep.Oost NBvZ. and later
                              1st General at Dep. M
 Though after the theft of all the breeders in January 1984 they raced without
 interest for 10 years.

 Son Piet, ( 20-05-1978 ), pigeon fancier since 1987 is a natural.
 He finished ( 3 years in a row ) at the first 3 National Youthchampionships.
 All of this with pigeons from Bros. DE WIT - Koudekerk a./d. Rijn.
 Co has known them since 1956, and for a lot of years dozens of their
 pigeons moved to Putten, amongst them a lot of long time breeders.
 These toppigeons are still the base of our loft, especially
 the NL.88-1876232 "Moeder Kweekduifje " who was an enormous value
 for starting the next stock of  pedigree racingpigeons,
 no wonder if you look at where she’s from, which is the famous
 " Reims - Griekspoor " x " 19 Dtr. Stamkoppel (Toppigeon. D.).

 Add that to the ongoing search for youngsters of Toppigeons (we prefere Acepigeons)
 and the very strict  selection and you have the recipe for an
                     “ EXCLUSIVE BREEDING LOFT ”
 where year after year new toppigeons are being born.


 The toppigeons which carry the breeding loft at the moment are
 “de Wit pigeons " directly and via Bruyn – Reeuwijk the
              * NL.93-2334466 " Ultra Doffer " breed :
                  Huybrechts - Bladel  x  P.v.Gompel - Reusel  and this via
                  M.Doornekamp - Amersfoort
               * NL.93-2105598 " Vak  9 Doffer " breed :
                  P.v.Gompel - Reusel  x  Jos Klak - Reusel
                 and this also via M.Doornekamp - Amersfoort.
               * Belg 97-6270352 " Witpen v. Loon Duivin " directly
                  L.v.Loon - Poppel – Belgie, an inimitable broodhen.
More information of these 3 pigeons click on their names.

 Besides the Basis pigeons and the famous sons and daughters 

      "Olympic Zigo "
      "Olympic Shinya "
      "Tonia "
      "Ultra 31 " nestbrother "Olympic Orlando"
       (now "Super Champion " of Mike Ganus in Amerika)
      "Vito "
      "Trento " ect, ect

 they have also adopted succesfull additions. These come from:

          * C.& G. Koopman - Ermerveen – dauther of "Kleine Dirk",
             and a daughter of "Fiero" (sister of "Kleine Dirk").
          * G.& S. Verkerk - Alphen a/d. Rijn – daughter of
            "Olympic Ronaldo" and of "Miss Saigon"
          * Ad Schaerlaeckens - Baerle Nasseau - from
            "Orleans doffertje" (a direct son "Sissi").
          * Steven v. Breemen - Hilversum - uit de
            "Kleine Grijze"
          * Jan v/d. Pasch - Grubbenvorst - from " Lowieke ",
                  " Robinneke ', and the "As Doffer '60 "

          * Jan Ouwerkerk - Lekkerkerk – a grandson of the
            "Oude '05"

 In our breedingloft we pair part of our breeders of pure and a part we
 cross breed. But only with the absolute top, as you can read on our website.

 So for everybody this means that a young from our stock is an enormous
 edition to yours.

 No wonder if you realise that Co and Piet are convinced



 Our lofts exist of :

 A. Breedingloft - 4.40 mts. long by 3.00 mts. wide and 2 dept. with aviary.

 B. Flightloft - 12.00 mts. long by 2.40 mts. wide and 3 dept. for the
 widowers and 3 dept. for the widows.
 C. Jung Pigeonloft - 6.60 mts. long by 2.20 mts. wide and 3 dept. with a
 shallow aviary of 80 cm. in lenght which is closed with plexiglas for 3/4th of the length.

 D. 2 Aviaries with corridor behind the fligtlofts for the widows.


 De Comb. Verbree plays up to aprox. 700 km. emphasising on 350 km. up to 700 km.
 They don’t play for a Genaral Champ. anymore, for they feel that’s not
 of these times anymore.

 They also proof that position and amount of pigeons is of no influence.
 They have the longest distance of Middle Holland (60 km. overflight)
under their
 belt and wit 24 breedingbraces and 34 flightbraces they are placed in the middle bracket.

 In spite of this information they play with an average of about 60 % overall
 flights with a lot of top prices (including provincial).

 On the next pages we hope we will be able to inform you about the excellent quality
 and ease they use to pass on this quality.

 C.Verbree                                                                             P.Verbree